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Totally Honest Productions Products for the Home and Stage

Oh No Not Emily! The Original Cast Recording! Recorded with enough context to actually make sense! Purchase through the good people at!

Oh No Not Emily! an audio CD of the first ever read through of the first version of the script. Performed at the Theater at the round at The San Rafael Public Library in Pasadena California, March 9, 2002.

The Tales of Ulysses. Chapter 11, "The Big Horsey Ride." An audio CD that dares to ask and (and answer) the questions, "So what did all those Greeks do inside That Big Wooden Horsey BEFORE they Slaughtered the Trojans?", "How did Ulysses Convince the Other Greeks that Hiding in a Big Wooden Horsey was a Good Idea in the First Place?", and perhaps more importantly, "How Exactly did the Trojans come to Believe that Tearing Down Their City Gates the Day after the End of a 10 Year Siege Was a Good Idea"

Want to hear a bit of it? Click me.

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The Tales of Ulysses. Chapter 12, "Going Home and Getting Lucky." This 30 minute audio CD follows the adventures of the Noble Ulysses and His Equally Noble yet Ever Diminishing Crew as they struggle home against barriers of monsters, weather, angry Gods, and sexy sea nymphs. Performed by Classicus Anymous, "If its Classical, It's Greek to Us!


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2 Guys from the '70's : The Movie. Follow the most critically acclaimed folk lounge act of the 80's and '90's on their Goodwill Victory 4 Area Code Tour. See them strive to recapture the emotional honesty of an era many thought best lost forever, the 1970's. Rare behind the scenes footage! Actual performance clips! Gut wrenching audience reactions! Buy it and Have a Nice Day!

2 guys 7.0 The CD-ROM! This interactive CD-ROM is a virtual digital scrapbook of the 2 guys phenomenon and more! Actual reviews, press releases seldom seen by the media, and pay checks along with audio clips not found on the video, publicity stills, animated music videos, and a "fun" game make this a must have for the true aficionado (mac version only)

"Ye Old Tale of Goode King Arthur and Valient Defeat and Vanquishing by he and Brave Sir Lancelot of the Evil Mordred and subsequent Disenchantment of Guinevere Which Follows Thereafter Being a Peageant in Verse by the peasants of this Shire in the Honor of the Return of Spring and the Rumored Coming of Good Queen Bess to Chipping-Under-Oakwood! God Save the Queen"

The Little Rhyming play that has been a hit ever since it was written and performed by Mark Sellin, Adam Long, Dan McLaughlin and Greg Moore (pictured, right).

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The Totally Honest Productions' Mission Statement

To you, Our Customers, Our Friends


Excellence in Product : Excellence in Service


What does that mean to you? Simple. But we'll spell it out anyways.


Excellence in product - A passionate belief that we have the best products on the market today, bar none.

Excellence in service - Because we have such fine products we can make the following statement: if you're not 110% totally and completely satisfied with your Totally Honest Production item, well then we just figure the problem is with you. Deal with your own inadequacies on your own time. No returns, no refunds, no whining.