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OK, so I have written a new book (2009)

Here are three examples from the book:

this is their first date where they go bowling;

this is where he meets her parents for the first time;

this is where he endures the crazy lady on the bus;


this is where you can buy it RIGHT NOW!

And yes, I know that all caps means I am yelling.

You can even buy it right now on Kindle! Go to, pull down the menu for kindle store, type in "Dan McLaughlin" and there it will be (along with the kindle version of ICE Girls).

It is also available on nook.

It is my first book that has long stretches where there nothing funny is happening (see meeting her parents, above). It is my take on relationships, how the word choice we use in relationships can be either a force for good or evil and illustrates nicely, I think, the tendency we all have to be far more polite to people we are socially distant from and far nastier to people we are suppose to be close to.

I mean most of it is amusing, don't get me wrong. The five people who have read it already have assured me that they laughed out loud several times while reading it.

Please feel free to download the samples above between two wonderful people who are destined to meet, fall in love, meet each others families, descend into yealling screaming matches and then move, perhaps, beyond. The excerpts above give you a pretty good idea of the tone of the thing.