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 cover by A. C. LaFollette.

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Life used to be simpler. You had your maidens, you had your dragons, and you had your wizards. Maidens got tied to posts. Dragons disposed of maidens. Wizards did magic. Everyone knew their place. Then, everything changed.  The book The Dragon, Lucinda and George tells about the heroes that stopped the bad wizards who been manipulating both human and dragon societies for their nefarious purposes. This book, Maidens Rock, tells about everyone else, after. What are a maiden and her dragon friend supposed to do once the enchantment is over?  What about the girls who used to use magic, but aren't allowed to sparkle anymore? Maidens Rock is a story about the little people as they meet friends and make television, perform music and play miniature golf, trying to forge a path into the future. More specifically it's the story of:

Sophia: First she was a Grand Duchess. Then she was a bat. Now she's in High School. On the upside, she has a dragon for a friend. On the downside, High School. Meet Sophia.

  art by by A. C. LaFollette.

Zoe: First she was the intern who kept the donuts flowing. Then she was the originator/producer of a talk show that had maidens and dragons for guests. The upside? She gets to manage more than cookies and fruit (that no one eats). The downside? Dragons, when asked the wrong question, will burn things.  Meet Zoe.

  art by by A. C. LaFollette.

Cone of Magic: First it was a collection of girl magic users who had a band. Then they couldn't use magic. In the short run, they sounded terrible. In the long run, they got some vocal instruction from a wolf and rocked their world. Rehearse with Cone of Magic.

  art by by A. C. LaFollette.

But wait, there's more!  This fictional band has made a real album!  Err, its not out yet so there is really nothing to link too, but soon! I promise. Like within a couple of weeks or so. We'll let you know.

  cover by A. C. LaFollette.

And for those of you who would like to more art by the tremendously talented A. C. LaFollette,  go here

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