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Mime Time by Dan McLaughlin
The Republican Party is about to nominate a mime for President, and the Secret Service has 90 minutes to figure out who in his inner circle wants him dead. 
Brad Tapelson is the perfect candidate. Good looking, and able to project empathetic anger in a non-threatening way, he shows voters only enough so that they are convinced that he thinks like they do. And now that his long-shot candidacy is about to be successful, the people around him are having serious second doubts about the whole enterprise. Among those who have murder in their heart are:
His best friend with him since the beginning. Clynell Daggett struggling with Brad's sudden fame and Clynell's equally sudden submersion in the shadows. 
His corporate handler. Belton Beming struggling with Brad's sudden fortune and Belton's losing control of the image Brad projects.
His political team. Dorothy Barrymore struggling with Brad's sudden success and her dawning realization that she could be responsible for the most disastrous President ever.
They all know that he would make an awful President.  
But who is willing to do something about it?
More than just voting their conscience.
So in order to keep this crime from the public, Secret Service agent John W. Singer has gathered the all suspects together in one room. On the eve of the Republican National Convention, he knows there's only one chance to solve this mystery, cut through the lies and broken dreams, and deal with the one person who could actually silence the Mime. 
It's a time to elect, or kill, the first mime President.
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In the meantime here are some samples to give you an idea what the book is about. The book is basically the characters reaction to what is being said to them.  The dialogues is in italics.  The internal dialogues are in regular type.  The person whose internal dialogue it is is given in the chapter heading. 
Thus is this sample you have entered the mind of Dorothy Barrymore as she hears why she was called out of bed by the Secret Service.
free sample of the brain of Dorothy Barrymore AKA Chapter 3
And here is a free sample as you enter the brain of Belton Beming having dinner with Mrs. Tapelson after Mr. Tapelson has hit her during an arguement.
free sample from the brain of Belton Beming AKA part of Chapter 7
And here is a free sample as Dorothy Barrymore furthers her scheme to undermine the candidacy of Mr. Tapelson by encouraging him to greater excess:
free sample from the brain of Dorothy Barrymore AKA Chapter 19
Well then.....
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Mime Time by Dan McLaughlin