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Jackie the World's Most Beloved Doggie
This is Jackie, Dan and Vendi's exceedingly famous and beloved puppy. She is standing in front of the almost equally famous Colorado Street Bridge In Pasadena, California USA. She enjoys chasing squirrels and bunnies, her morning and afternoon walks, and her cookies given to her when someone leaves the house (to ease the pangs of separation). She voraciously protects the house from ALL postal employees, none of whom, she notes with pride, has ever entered the house while she has been on duty. She also is available for hours of continual petting, especially but not limited to her tummy area. We're not quite sure what breed she is (she's a pound puppy) but we think we've identified corgi, dauschaund, retriever, chow, and basset hound in her genetic make up kit.
Newman the Lovable Oaf

This is Newman, Dan and Vendi's guaranteed conversation starter. Take Newman anywhere and within moments someone will ask, "So what kind of dog is he, anyways?"

Dan's favorite answer is "Many generations of many" but the slightly more accurate answer (we think) is part basset hound, part newfoundland.

How, we don't know.

We got Newman to be a companion animal to the companion animal, Jackie after the death of Kitty the cat. We got him from the totally fine people at pet orphans in the San Fernando Valley.

Newman has much to teach us all as his self esteem exceeds his abilities by a wide margin, but he has a very kind and enthuastiac nature usually suceeds in triumphing over all.