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 Including that new hit sensation "Cone of Magic"!




The Show is closed for the moment but the web site lives on but we did get this:

For best Theater Album. Now while we did not actually "win" in the sense of being voted "the best" it's not often we get to say with something of a straight face,

"it was an honor to be nominated"

And besides...

You can always BUY the cd online!

and you can now buy a copy of the script both on paper and as a kindle (the kindle version has links to the youtube videos AND can be loaned for free)


Here is a masterful summary of the show with sound samples of each song as well as video clips derived from the show

All of this from the show that will change your life.

For the better, that is.

"Oh No Not Emily" is a Gilbert & Sullivan-like operetta based very loosely on actual events. It is the story of Molly Writerblock, an aspiring poet, as she enters a graduate English program. There she meets another newcomer to the department who is attempting to sell a hitherto unknown original poem by Emily Dickinson.Add supportive parents, older, helpful grad students, an extremely knowledgeable professor and an unseen Dean who communicates entirely through memos, and you have the recipe for a show that will have your entire campus buzzing. With "Oh No Not Emily" you get a show that has:

Perfect audiences for this show are:

In short, a show with something for everyone.

Or at least go and buy the cd!

Or the script!

or go to the page that has the new game idea