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Here are some links we hope you visit and enjoy: (this is Dan's home page. View it and tremble) (this is the page that Mark has worked very hard on and provides hours of entertainment for those aged 3 and above. Dan is the voice of doug) (this is the show that Daniel has been working on post-Reduced Shakespeare Company and Disney) (this is the web page for Janet Gray, the person who originally reported the crime this play is based on, but she is not responsible for anything that has happend since.) (this is the web site of Nick. Among his many musical endeavours you might want to check out...Biff and the Backups) (this is the web site of Chris, the most well connected guy I know) (This is the web site of our arranger, Dominik Hauser. He has a great background in both jazz and theater.) (This is the web site of Jeffrey Markle and his SUPER COOL road house band. Check it out. Be sure to ask Jeff how the band got its name.) (This web site of Christina Linhardt has the most glowing reviews i have seen in a very long time. And she deserves them too.)