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Super Short Version:

Margit and I were writing a book. It had an all-girl band in it. Later, I made the fictional band real.

Margit was there, and made every song better. (3 free listens for all songs)

Amazon has the actual cd

I was going for a Taylor Swift country pop sort of sound.

Unpacked a little bit more...

Cone of Magic was originally conceived of as a fictional band in the novel Maidens Rock by Margit Elland Schmitt and Dan McLaughlin. Excessive writing ensued, and Dan took the collections of words and notes to the fine people at Supreme Tracks and they gave him instrumental tracks. Margit recruited her good friends Sandra Cadell and Laura Gregory to sing along with her. Voila, Cone of Magic.

Thus born in the studios of Berkeley, California, Cone of Magic is three women, friends forever, singing together. In song, they examine self-image, love and power with lyrics that will engage and melodies that will delight. Their sound has been described as Taylor Swift and the Mamas (But no Papas). And be sure to check out the book, Maidens Rock by Margit Schmitt and Dan McLaughlin, which inspired these songs...

Check it out 3 free listens for all songs

Amazon has the actual cd

The Ladies

Margit Elland Schmitt: Margit Schmitt is a classically trained singer who likes tortilla chips, guacamole and long walks on the beach.  She has performed in choirs and in musical theater, at Carnegie Hall, and also in the car during road trips. She has subjected her own children to years of lullabies, before branching out to teach library skills to elementary students using musical comedy. This is her first attempt at writing while singing.

Sandra Cadell: Sandra has been fortunate enough to sing theatrically on stage, and has been know to sing for up to 4 -5 minutes before getting caught and thrown off.  She uses music and rhythm to teach academic concepts to her Middle School Special Day Class students. She loves her dogs, her husband and her son (but won't say in what order).  She has been known to use her many musical and artistic talents in venues like Street Theater events, Renaissance/Fantasy/Pirate Faires, Dickens Christmas Faire and for DMCs in the Bay Area.

Laura Gregory: Laura Gregory has been singing for a long time. She also likes petting cats and painting mermaids, as well as petting mermaids and painting cats, (although the latter is more difficult and the cats get really annoyed with all that paint in their fur.) She has sung onstage in various folk bands and as a myriad of roles in the musical theatre. When not performing, Laura can be found teaching wee humans to dance and sing, trying to find the perfect taco, or folding laundry.

So its pretty easy actually. 3 free listens for all songs

Amazon has the actual cd

Spotify, itunes, Pandora, Deezer, etc. pending.

The credit stuff

All songs in Maidens Rock © 2020 Dan McLaughlin. All rights reserved.

Produced by and words and notes by Dan McLaughlin.

Additional lyrics by Margit Elland Schmitt.

Made Up Love - Additional lyrics by Laura Gregory.

Musical tracks arranged and recorded by Supreme Tracks (New York, NY).

Vocal tracks recorded and mixed by James Wood at Live Oak Studio (Berkeley, CA), February, March, 2020.

Album art by A. C. LaFollette.