So you wanna license a Dan and/or Mark Show?


Dan And Mark have written a fair number of shows suitable for performing at a Renaissance Faire. These shows have been written primarily together, but some have also been written with other people, or in some cases as solo ventures. In general, these shows can be said to written in the "Goofy Peasant" genre; Shows that people will come up to you afterwards and say, "You know, I could do that if I were just that willing to look like an idiot."

Not realizing, of course, the considerable imagination and craftsmanship that it takes to appear so artlesslessly clueless.

Well that's our story anyways.

At any rate, unlike many other Faire shows, our shows tend to be very "G" or family rated and are thus suited for children as well as adults. So without further ado here is a list of shows currently available for licensing. At the bottom of this list is how to contact us and actually license the show(s).

Its amazingly easy, actually


"Ye Old Tale of Goode King Arthur and Valient Defeat and Vanquishing by he and Brave Sir Lancelot of the Evil Mordred and subsequent Disenchantment of Guinevere Which Follows Thereafter Being a Peageant in Verse by the peasants of this Shire in the Honor of the Return of Spring and the Rumored Coming of Good Queen Bess to Chipping-Under-Oakwood! God Save the Queen"

The Little Rhyming play that has been a hit ever since it was written and performed by Mark Sellin, Adam Long, Dan McLaughlin and Greg Moore (pictured, right).

"The Enchanted Bucket" a story of Vegetables, Rats, Hats and True Love set in the Almost Mythical land of Wales.

Written by Mark Sellin and Dan McLaughlin and performed at countless Faires on the West Coast


"Three Blinde Mice" The story of how one maid saves England from the disaster of the Spansih Armada.

Written by Mark Sellin with a dazzling mucical accompanyment suitable for audiencs and perfomers all ages

Joe Barbarian: Glaidaor at Large. Never ACTUALLY performed, but has lots of potential, especially for a cast that enjoys improv as large parts of the show are left for the audience to provide.  


So you've decided to do one of these shows.

Excellent Choice

But if you are still wavering on deciding whether or not to pay royalties to the people actually wrote the show, here are several exceedingly goode reasons to do so:

It is very easy to be license one these puppies:

  1. Figure out the number of shows you are planning to do
  2. Multiply by $4
  3. This is the amount we charge you.
  4. Download and read and sign this form which the very Mr. Adam Long has hailed as "A masterpiece of legal documentation! Short and pithy, yet with a wry sense of humor and a thought-provoking finish (asking the licensee to print his name is inspired, echoes of Camus' 'The Stranger'). I wholeheartedly recommend this contract to both veteran license agreement enthusiasts and first-time licensees alike!"
  5. Click here to get the form
  6. Mail the form and a check to Dan McLaughlin (his contact info is on the form itself)
  7. Include an e-mail address
  8. wait for the pdf file to arrive in your email inbasket

It is really that simple.