The Art Art of Dan McLaughlin, animator

Below is the art that the family of Dan McLaughlin found in his storage unit after his passing. Most of it was done by him. A few things were not. A couple we're not so sure about. Items designated below by having a border around them with a somewhat discreet $ attached to the thumbnail were sold at the memorial for his life held Saturday May 28 at UCLA wth the proceeds going to the Dan McLaughlin Animation Fund. Pictures without a border or a dollar sign are family items. Any comments about the item are by me, Dan the Son, and only reflect my own opinion with no research to back any of it up.  If you know anything and would like to contribute and thoughts or observations on a piece, please feel free to contact me at There has also been a discovery of my Dad speaking about his life in films which is online here. Return to main Dan page here. Please enjoy looking at the art of Dan McLaughlin.

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