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Totally Honest Production's  

Avalanche of Talent

Dan McLaughlin  

(Words, Notes, Notes, Producer, Guy Who Threw This Web Site Together, Pater Forger, author of Ice Girls and speaking voice of narrator on Ice Girls cd).

Born in Hollywood during a Rams game and raised in The Valley followed by a multi-decade stint at UCLA has given Dan an appreciation for the subtle and sometimes capricious agency of actions and words.

Among his philosophical influences he cites Thomas Kuhn, David Springhorn, Paul Feyerabend, The Reduced Shakespeare Company and Bullwinkle the Moose.

Dan's most recent creative endeavor has been penning his "novel" ICE Girls which tells the story of the Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Anderson from the point of view of management.

Before that, Dan wrote, directed, produced, and constructed the web site for the award-winning musical Oh No, Not Emily!. In a blazing display of modesty, her refrained from acting in the show.

Before that, Dan, along with his good friend Mark (below), was half of "2 Guys from the 70's" a definitive folk lounge comedy act which among other things was seen on TV on "The New Gong Show" (Twice, once paid, the other not); "The Late Mr. Pete's 60 Seconds of Fame" (Once, not paid); and "The Antelope Valley Today Show" (Where the "performance space" doubled as the station's switchboard so the issue of salary never really came up in a meaningful way).

Before that, Dan, also again with his good friend Mark (still below), was a stage and street performer at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Southern California. While Dan and Mark wrote many shows for the Faire, their greatest hit was undoubtedly written with their good friends Greg and Adam and called "Ye Old Tale of Goode King Arthur". Dan largely credits himself for the accompanying almost patented "Laughter Workshop." Also from this time period comes his two "cracks" at reinterpreting the Iliad and the Odyssey, "The Big Horsey Ride" and "Going Home and Getting Lucky."

When not pushing back the frontiers of human ignorance one Internet sign-up at a time, Dan can be found merrily working in the garden (especially during very close UCLA games) or walking Jackie, the World's Most Beloved Puppy with Vendi his Most Beloved Honey.

Mark Sellin

(Notes in Oh No Not Emily!; and Ulysses in the Ulysses series and; Hans Christian Anderson in the ICE Girls CD; many voices Gott Mit Uns)

Mark shares with Dan a Valley encrusted heritage, a more than passing acquaintance to the UCLA genetic gene pool, and an occasional odd desire to dress up in leisure suits and sing the theme song to the "Brady Bunch" as a folk tune.

What Mark possesses on his own is a musical talent bordering on genius, a website for children that is genius ( and ability to work on an astonishingly different array of creative projects at the same time that is beyond genius.

He is also very very very tall and so are his wife and children.

Jeffrey Markle

(Dirk Futureprof, Oh No, Not Emily!) Actor, singer, songwriter, graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Jeffrey has been involved in every facet of theatre, television and film for more than thirty years. Another of the myriad of legendary names to come out of the Renaissance Faire, Jeffrey has managed to maintain a remarkable degree of sanity while performing at the behest of corporate America. You can see him at Universal Studios Hollywood as Joilet Jake in the Blues Brother's Rhythm & Blues Review".

Jeffrey's real passion is his Roadhouse Rock-n-Blues Band, "Joe Veal." As lead singer he stays busy writing new music, recording and performing throughout LA, Orange & Ventura County. Jeffrey recently signed a publishing deal and plans are in the words to record a CD. He also dreams of returning to Europe where, in June 2002, he performed at the "Fete De La Musique" (World Music Festival) in Berlin. You can hear a few tunes, contact the band and find out where they are performing by going to

Daniel Singer

(Dirk Furtureprof) Basically one of the most talented people on the planet, Daniel, well, let me quote liberally (steal) from the Reduced Shakespeare company website...

Daniel left Santa Rosa, California at age 19 to pursue a classical theater training in London. Two years later he returned home but couldn't get a paid acting job that let him keep his beard, so he founded the Reduced Shakespeare Company. After co-creating The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged), Daniel spent nearly twelve years designing theme park attractions for Walt Disney Imagineering; he's particularly proud of his contributions to Disneyland's Toontown. Currently, Daniel is looking forward to productions of his new play. Visit for more information. He is also producing a line of hunky garden statuary.

When researching this bio, we found it fairly ironic that the current roster of the Reduced Shakespeare Company is almost as long as that of the other RSC. Daniel is very quick to offer up his critical yet ultimately very supportive advice, criticism and time.

Doreen Wiley

(Bonnie LaPerkymoney, Oh No Not Emily; Many voices Gott Mit Uns) Doreen has logged more hours acting in front of hay bales than any other person in North America. (We know, we counted them...uh Hours, not people. That's the job of the Census Bureau. OK they don't want to count people anymore also; they just want to make estimates, but they SAY it make a for a more accurate result but I think the Republicans might...What? Doreen? Oh DOREEN!

Yeah, right. Doreen has about 1000 faces, almost all of which are pretty happy ones. She is also a terrific dancer, and clever choreographer, and someone who actually tries to learn the words and music of a song the way they were originally written. Normally this is an admirable trait in an actor, but in the case of "Oh No Not Emily", welllll... She typically also puts her script in the coolest notebook and always brings an extra pencil to rehearsal.

A pleasure to have in class.

Christina Linhardt

(Anygender Hangeron live show; Clair, Gott Mit Uns). Ms. Linhardt recently released her solo CD "Circus Sanctuary" which is receiving critical acclaim and radio airplay in Spain, Australia, Germany and the US. (available online at Her "rich voice" (LA Weekly) has been featured in such local venues as the Cinegrill, The Los Angeles Cathedral, LACMA, the Wilshire Ebell and the Atlas-Wiltern.

Christina frantically escaped Academia after obtaining a Bachelors in vocal arts from the University of Southern California, with a minor in theatre, studies sublimated at Oxford University, England, to live the life of a professional Fool. (She currently holds the prestigious position of King of Fools, emeriti) Ms. Linhardt also directs theater therapy workshops with mentally ill adults and homeless veterans, and teaches theater intervention to at-risk youth through East LA Classic Theater company.

JB Levine

(Anygender Hangeron first two read through and on the CD) JB, the master of the fortuitous entrance, is another one of those people who attempts to correlate words and music and make them "match". As her songs as written had perhaps the worst words-to-notes-ratio (too many of the former, it seems) Dan actually began to wonder if her continually cheerfully expressed opinion, "I will track you down to where you sleep and slit your throat a hundred times" might have meant something other than, "Hey, this sounds great! No problem!"

We are not quite sure what JB does when not threatening writers. It seems to have to do with "Hollywood" and "Post-Production Stuff".

She has a very lovely voice.

Mike Schmitt

(Professor Reppep, Mr. Big on ICE Girls CD) Mike buys things on ebay and seems real happy when his friends come over and use them (Hey, we CALL before we come over, OK?)

And we bring sodas and cheese. (Which we leave behind!).

Mike is also an extremely gifted short film maker, currently involved with the creative folks at Group 101 films. (His pig film is our personal favorite). He also writes and directs plays in the Los Angeles area. When not doing that, he is part of the telecommunication backbone of 'Merica. He recently actually did the "Have the waiter bring the engagement ring as part of dessert at a fancy restaurant bit"

and it worked.

Andrea Artis

(Molly Writerblock, 1st read through) A few short months after she was singing in the high school chorus in Idaho, she was singing the lead in read through for "Oh No Not Emily!" in a library in Pasadena California.

Who says dreams can't come true?

Not content with this triumph, Andrea is continuing to broaden her repertoire with glasswork at Pasadena City College and night club attendance in Hollywood.

Photo pending

Sarah Kleinberg

(Molly Writerblock, 2nd read through) A few short months after giving birth to a fine young son with an even finer sounding Irish name, Sarah was once again performing in a Dan and Mark production. Sarah does not let the fact that she teaches English and has actually read some of the poems of Emily Dickinson detract from her evident enjoyment in participating with this project and has kindly refrained from going through the script with a red pencil and writing "Unclear, vague, poor spelling C+".

She was also the one who told Dan that all of the poems of Emily Dickinson can be sung to "The Yellow Rose of Texas."

Photo pending

Margit Schmitt

(Molly Writerblock after second read through and cast album, "Monica";  and parable narrator on ICE Girls CD; Great Goddess Bo, Gott Mit Uns)

Margit made her theatrical debut at the lucky age of 13, in the critically acclaimed production of "Lights, Camera, Action" (she played a light) and since that time has been shocking friends and enemies and strangers picked at random alike with her intellectual brilliance, astounding talent and almost godlike modesty.

After performing in what can only be described as a "ton" of theatrical performances in front of hay bales (some with people on them) Margit recently wowed audiences as "The Bride" in a self produced musical comedy extravaganza called "The Wedding".

She is attracting considerable notice now in her role as "The Mom"

Margit admits while it is true that in the first draft of the publicity poster for Oh No, Not Emily! she was twice as large as anyone else, she insists that in person she is petite, demure and altogether non-giant-like.

And she'll squish like the pitiful bug they are anyone who says different.

Clynell Jackson

(Narrator, ICE Girls CD)

Another of the legendary names to come from the performing ranks of the Renaissance Faire, Mr. Jackson has the incredibly rare ability to actually and convincingly present a serious character on a wooden platform in 110 degree temperatures to an audience sitting on hay bales in various stages of inebriation and stupor.

Not to mention the parades, excuse me processions, that periodically wind nearby.

Thus Mr. Jackson considered it a mere trifle when the air-confitioning went out in the recording studio and he regarded his padded stool as the height of professional accommodation.

As a producer, we did little to dissuade him of the notion and pretended not to notice seemingly spontaneous cries of "God Save the Queen!" whenever the outside door was opened and traffic could be heard.

Photo pending

Tom Hubbard

(A Voice of bureaucracy, ICE Girls CD)

Mr. Hubbard claims that his parents met when his father sang in a choir directed by his mother. He thus insists that his vocal training began in the womb. He has sung in church choirs and a capella groups for several years and in the shower for even longer.

Mr. Hubbard also has the uncanny ability to communicate with both periodical subscription customer service personnel, and dogs

We suspect the talents are related.

photo pending

Nick Smith

(A Voice of bureaucracy, ICE Girls CD)

Mr. Smith performs as a storyteller at museums, festivals, cemeteries and all other sorts of odd places. When not speaking for dead people, his voice has appeared mysteriously on various radio broadcasts, websites and recorded closing announcements.

While his "The Library will be closing in 5 minutes. Please bring your materials to the circulation desk at this time" has drawn consistencly high praise from the critics, his "The Library is no closed and there will be no further transactions at this time" has often brought genuine tears to his audience night after night.

Mr. Smith "brings it" with every performance.

Photo pending

Marie Pugh

(A Voice of bureaucracy, ICE Girls CD)

Long before it was a tiresome cliché, Ms. Pugh was among the first to blaze a career path of fashion model; children's librarian; and Ph.D. candidate in Public Health Administration.

Thus her aplomb and skill with which she performs in her audio debut comes as no surprise.

When asked, Ms. Plug offered the that story of Mr. Pusskins, a cat that who learns the hard way there is no place like home, is a persoanl favorite of hers.

May her conservative and risk-averse career path be an inspiration to us all.

Photo pending

Bailey Spencer-Jackson

(A Voice of bureaucracy, ICE Girls CD; many voices, Gott Mit Uns)

Ms. Jackson's strong and forceful characterizations had long struck many as just merely as an aspect of her considerable acting skills. Imagine the surprise felt when it was discovered that not only can she act the part of marketing executive for an audio CD, but that in her "real life" she actually IS a marketing executive.

In Hollywood, USA.

Specializing in product placement.

And she even has VP in her job title.

And she even missed a rehearsal for an work-related after-hours annual team-building event. (She never mentioned if bungee cords or hot coals played any portion the evening's schedule of events).

We had to call our therapist at once as the boundaries between fiction and reality became way too blurred for our tastes.

Photo pending

Nick Krall

(Bob Forger, 1st read through "Oh No, Not Emily!)

Finally, someone who did NOT threaten the writer with bodily injury when first exposed to their songs. Nick has the sensitivity, talent and musical sophistication to rise above such petty concerns as meter and scanning and traditional notions of rhyming to sense the greater unity that underlies this piece.

All those years as a member of "The Poxy Boggards" has paid handsome dividends to you, my friend.

Investigate Nick's musical talents further at his website

Chris Gauntt.

(Bob Forger, 2nd red through and cast album) Mr. Gauntt, who has received training on more land masses than most people could even name, {which is more a reflection on the state of geographical education in this country rather than Mr. Gauntt NEEDING so much training} has long delighted audiences with his boundless energy and spontaneous humor. He also impresses his co-performers with his excellent listening, evaluating and critical skills which make any project he is involved with a genuine please to work on.

He really didn't write this, by the way.

When not playing the role of Monotestes, the long-suffering crew member of Ulysses, or Demicrannial, the supervisor of the Gate of Troy, Chris can be found writing, directing in the LA area. Check out where at his hugely entertaining website

Scott Shaw

(Pater, Cast Album). Yet ANOTHER performer to come from the hallowed hay bales of San Bernardino, Scott has made a career out of playing dirty old men who never quite get the girl of his dreams.

In this show he is breaking this mold by playing a rather nice older gentleman (two of them actually) who unfortunately, is not even in the running for a girl.

Despite that, he remains cheerful and we appreciate that.

In the photo, he is the guy.

Mark Weber

(Technical File Guy and Master of all Boxes that Have Wires Attached to Them) Mark is our recording person. On our Ulysses cd's (see the stuff on the page we call "Stuff") he lovingly engineered each subtle sound to achieve the distinctive Kringloop Production's "Wall of Sound" What? that's already about the Kringloop Production's "Corner of Cacophony" OK, well "Closet of Noise"..."Drawer of Discourse"?

Moving right along.Working with his good buddy Rob, he is absolutely the best sound guy we have ever encountered. He puts his considerable expertise to make the project the best it can be, rather than demonstrating his considerable expertise to show how important he is.

Vendi Elmen

(Word consultant)

Dan and Vendi spend alot of time together. When Dan writes he pads out to the living room and runs the latest song lyrics by her. She then says something like "'eptisimology' and 'hive of activity' doesn't rhyme'" Discussion ensues where the phrases "yes it does" and "no it doesn't" occur over and over.

Then Dan goes back and tries it again.

She also had this thing about meter and scanning we don't quite get, but she seems to think it is important.

She also is a darn fine graphic artist, likes her rose bushes, hates the daisy bushes and enjoys walking Jackie, the World's Most Beloved Puppy

Alexis Schnieder

(Hera and Athena in The Big Horsey Ride)

A weaver of notes and fabric, we first met Alexis as a member of that legendary madrigal group "Good Company" whose renditions of "The Chicken Song" and "Can't Buy Me Love" linger to this very day.

Currently, when not singing with "Stink Eye", Alexis can be found creating and producing a VERY fashionable line of women's fashions at locations as diverse the time zones she travels. Recently, She opened a store in South Pasadena, CA called Two Heads Studio, where you can always find something unique and moderatly priced for a female.

And they wrap stuff pretty too (girls like that).

Kirsten Ragsdale.

Kirsten's stylization of Ovaria, a hitherto undocumented member of Ulysses' crew, has been compared by some to an early Mary Tyler Moore. She is also one sister among six siblings so she truly knows what it is like to "share" on a family vacation, an experience one can easily detect in her performance in "The Big Horsey Ride".

When not performing out at various Renaissance Faires Kirsten is gainfully employed packaging culture to those presumably eager to suck it up.

She also has the saviour faire to be propelled airborne on Sunset Boulevard by a BMW in the afternoon and still make her dinner appointment that same evening

Dominik Hauser

(Arranger) Domink is perhaps the greatest jazz arranger to ever come from Switzerland and live in South Pasadena, California. Heck, we are willing to go so far as to say the San Gabriel Valley. What the heck, the GREATER San Gabriel Valley INCLUDING Fontana!

Seriously, we genuinely appreciate the enthusiasm with which he has entered in the spirit of the nontraditional music form which is the trademark of this production. He genuinely knows the nuts and bolts of music and is able to translate that knowledge to other musicians.

He also has a very cool little dog and also an almost as cool website

Rob Beaton

(recording engineer god and Pro Tools master) While often speaking a patois composed of 70's horror film buzz words, sports jargon, and stuff I swear he is just making up as he goes along, what this man can do to get a great sound out of a room full of notes of varying intensity and skills is simply amazing. Ably assisted by Mark Weber, who also fortunately can speak his language, Rob moves quickly and surely around the recording studio and mixing board alike.

He gets everything there is to be gotten out of the session and still have everyone glad they had the experience.

 David Springhorn

(Frank, Gott Mit Uns) One of the true legends to come from the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, David has recently been an integral part of the flourishing New Vaudeville movement in Southern California. He also has recently published his first book Fairy Tales and Verse (Ion Drive Publishing, 2009.)

Photo pending