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This book examines the plurality of religions and the efficacy of prayer. It is called Gott Mit Uns: Adventures of a Paleolithic Goddess in the Modern World.

How to describe it? Well, it is a fantasy satire of the modern world.

A world where a powerful bureaucracy mediates disputes between different gods and their followers.

In it, two IDCRAs (InterDeitifc Conflict Resolution Agents) have spent their work life behind a desk processing DRIPs (Divine Retribution, Impact Positive. Which is basically a prayer or a blessing) and DRAINs (Divine Retribution Applied, Impact Negative. Which is basically a curse) with certainty and dispatch.

As a result of a processing error of a DRIP, caused in large part because two different types of requests were printed on the same color paper, a DIONWARIC (a Deity Ignored Or Not Worshiped Anymore Resulting in Curtailment) is inadvertently summoned to this world to resolve a grade dispute in a Religious Studies class.

A DIONWARIC that is a Paleolithic Antarctic Goddess who manifests herself as an eight and half foot penguin. Armed with their new VOCERA device (Vocal Oversight with Continuously Explained Rules for Action), the two agents venture into the real world to convince the DIONWARWIC to return to the place from whence She came.

They track her through modern academia where the goddess serves as inspiration to jaded professors and students, and modern Hollywood where the Goddess proves to be remarkably effective as both an entertainer at parties for children and as a consultant on sword and sorcery movies. They also pass through a modern high school, pie baking competition and an airplane crash.

The two bureaucrats, one a desk jockey of extremely long standing and the other fresh from the academy, learn that seemingly simple decisions made behind a desk can have far-reaching unintended consequences for people that are more than statistical constructs. The DIONWARIC learns that Paleolithic Antarctic Truths can transition nicely to modern life and so becomes a DWOOD (Deity Worshiped Often Or Daily).

And here are three sample that give you a pretty good idea of the book:

The ICDRAs waiting for a meeting and then at a meeting where their shortcomings are exposed;

The ICDRAs meeting the Great Goddess Bo;

The ICDRAs field testing their VOCERA device

Still sound good? Well then click and buy the book here.

Also available on amazon; kindle and nook.

But wait! Now Dan is turning the Penguin Book into a play!

But wait, again! Now the play has been turned into a book as well!